Waste Management

Waste to Power

Waste management is a major problem for many urban areas,
creating environmental and health problems. Wastes
collected in solid waste landfill areas produce landfill gases
as they are rotten. Methane, which is a major source of
greenhouse effect, is the main gas produced in such landfills.
We offer our customers modern waste management solutions
which may include sorting, recycling and combustion of
municipal wastes, customized for their special requirements.

Advantages of Modern Waste To Power Plants:

Production of electricity
Elimination of landfills
Reduction of greenhouse gases (mainly methane) generated in the landfills  

Waste To Fuel

What is RDF?

Refused-drived fuel (RDF) is a fuel source produced from
domestic and commercial waste, which includes
biodegradable materials and plastics.
After the non-combustible materials including metals and
glass are removed, the remaining part is used as a fuel
which is an alternative to fossil fuel in power plants.

Why Is Rdf A Good Option?

  • RDF is an alternative fuel that reduces reliance on fossil
    fuels such as coal and oil whose negative environmental
  • RDF has a direct impact on reducing carbon emissions.
  • As populations grow, the problem of waste becomes
    more crucial for countries. Therefore, landfills or
    dumpsites are filling up and leak into the environment.
    RDF contributes to divert waste away from landfills.
  • Contributing to achieve zero waste to landfill by
    generating renewable heat&power.

Rdf Trading

We are interested in not only producing RDF but also trading

Driven Solutions



Basically, Floating Power Plant is a Ship having Electric Power Generation capability.

Modular Power Plant

Modular Power Plant

To install and commission ready made modular land plants

Waste Management

Waste Management

We offer modern waste management solutions, customized for the needs of our customers.

“We provide rapid solutions to energy demand problems globally”

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